About Set Aviation

With our long story with the aviation industry, passing by 99% of the critical situations,  times of success and fail, we Set our mission built up on solid philosophy about us.

Our story

The idea of Set Aviation originated when its founders -to-be noticed that aviation services lacked professionalism and real high-quality services. Having been in the aviation industry for more than two decades, our team who have the same dream had decided to put all their efforts together to set the hard equation of aviation industry. Our dream, prime concern aim and genuine mission are to provide our clients and partners with real professional, qualified, reliable and luxurious services that meet their needs and even more.

Our Mission

A world-class aviation business company that establishes a thriving business partnership with airline companies and delivers unique traveling experiences to its clients. With first-rate quality services, safety and security at the core of our philosophy, we work relentlessly to provide our clients with smart, client-tailored and cost effective array of services through our quick-thinking, proactive and cooperative staff. Being client-oriented and sensitive to their diversity ensures that our various services will win their satisfaction.


We always maintain our integrity through experienced and well thought through expertise, acting in the best interests of our partners, about us and the aviation sector. we strive to be trusted by our customers and partners, acting on behalf of the collective not the individual, and treating everyone with respect.

Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction and professional will only be possible if they are supported by continuous research and accumulated knowledge and experience. Research gives us new perspectives that help us better cater to our clients worldwide. In a dynamic world and the constantly changing aviation industry, regular training is a must to provide our staff with fresh insights and methodology to serve our valued customers. We highly value our clients’ satisfaction, feedback and long-term business relations.

Covered Destinations

Our Partners

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